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Fragile Box

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 Quick turnaround of 24-72 hrs

Cardboard Boxes


Receiving: Once we receive your inventory we inspect all products and if there is any damage, we will take a photo and promptly email it to you.

 Prepping: Your items are then prepped and labeled for shipping according to Amazon guidelines.

 Shipping: A shipment plan is prepared either by us or you. Then the products are boxed, labeled, and shipped.



Cost per Unit:

$1.00 per unit received


**Bulk items of 50+ need to be pre-approved before ordering to check for space availability

​Cost per Unit Includes:



Label Removal

Inventory Pictures - if damaged    

Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation Warning, & Single unit, do not Open


Poly Bags

 $ .20          

 3"x 6"       4"x 4"

 6"x 6"       6"x 9" 

 6"x 14"     8"x 10"   

 9"x 12"    11"x 14"

 12"x 18"   14"x 20"


 19"x 24"

 24"x 32"    

These prices do not reflect re-bagging fees ($ .05 per item), Fragile, Bubble Bags & Rubber Bands

​​Bubble bags $ .50 each                                         

Bubble Wrap $1.00 each

​Rubber Bands for Shoe Boxes .05 each


$ .50 / Bundle up to 5 Items

$ .10 / each Item after 5

Additional Fees Include:

Registration Fee - $25 one time set up fee



        Small      $1.25

​​​​​​​​        Medium  $2.00

        Large      $2.75

        XLarge    $3.00

No charge for Items shipped out in the same box they arrived in.


We will bill the 1st and 15th of every month via PayPal

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Fragile Box